Cobden Technical School’s purpose is based firmly on the logo for the school represented by the initials ‘CTS – Committed To Students…Committed To Success’. We are committed to finding and celebrating successful outcomes for students, whether that be in the pursuit of high level academic achievement, or the development of specific vocational skills. This rests beside the opportunity  for  sporting,  cultural,  environmental  and  artistic  involvement  and  success in a school with clear, strong connections to the community and industry at both a local and regional level. Cobden Technical School is a place where everyone who wants to learn is welcome, where everyone can be successful and the journey to create learning is enjoyable and lifelong.

The values of Cobden Technical School are based on the development of

‘the Heart, the Head and the Hands’ in a climate of building respectful relationships, respecting oneself and others, and taking responsibility for one’s actions is created through our values of:

  • Honesty – Integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Excellence – Doing one’s best to develop competence and credibility.
  • Accountability – Setting goals and being responsible for one’s actions.
  • Respect – Fairness and equity, understanding, tolerance and inclusion.
  • Trust – Care and compassion.

We strongly believe that a sense of humour and an environment where learning is enjoyable are central to the development of these values. Much of what Cobden Technical School has to offer, of which you will learn more in the following pages, is made possible by our highly professional and caring staff. They are committed to our
school, its vision and our desire to ensure that students can reach their full potential. This is assisted by our wonderful learning facilities and resources which continue to develop and improve.

At Cobden Technical School, we will enter a partnership with you so that together we can meet the very special and individual needs of your child. We welcome you to the Cobden Technical School community and the start of a very exciting journey to the future.

Rohan Keert