Visit by students from our Indonesian Sister School

On Friday August 2 the staff and students from our Indonesian Sister School will be arriving in Melbourne.  The twenty-two students and two staff members are so excited to be joining our school community for two weeks.

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Jewish Holocaust Museum Visit

Late in Term 2, students from Year 9 HUMS, Year 10 HUMS and Year 11 English visited the Jewish Holocaust Museum. As the topic of the Holocaust was being studied at this time, it was very beneficial for the students to have an organised tour of the Holocaust Museum.

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YEAR 11 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION WEIGHT GYM UPGRADE. In order to be able to upgrade the weight room, we are selling old gym equipment and holding a raffle which members of the school and wider community can purchase tickets for $2 each.

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‘About You’ Survey!

What is ‘About You’?   ‘About You’ is a survey of Victoria’s young people, conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of the Department of Education and Training. The About You survey takes place in Victorian schools and collects essential information on the health, wellbeing, learning and safety of...

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Corangamite Trade Training Cluster Bus Tour

Last week Year 10 students travelled around the Corangamite Trade Training Cluster facilities to explore VET options available, watch students working in each area, and listen to presentations from instructors about various courses.

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CTS 50th Anniversary

The CTS 50th Anniversary organising committee continues to meet and plan the big event on 19-20 October 2019. The committee are supported by our School Councillors and Parents Club. If you haven’t heard we have a CTS 50th Facebook group. 

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