The space promises to fulfil many purposes in our school community.

  • Educational – VCE and junior PE classes are required to complete training programs as a part of their assessments.
  • Easier to Access – a big financial save on travel to and from the school to access external facilities. Open the door and we are away.
  • Engaging and Enjoyable – the space will be incorporated into many classes, before school and lunchtime sessions for the whole school community. A fresh paint job and rubber matting also help.  Spin sessions, circuit sessions, high-intensity interval sessions + weights sessions are all aimed at releasing the endorphins and improve mental and physical health. 
  • Easier to supervise – Glass doors will allow greater connection to the two gyms and more connection between the area.  
  • Enter the current era – a lot of the equipment is outdated and/or broken so the upgrade will go a long way to modernising our facilities.  

Stage 2 – Fundraising
.  This will increase over the next two months to coincide with the 50 year CTS reunion celebrations.  We are selling old gym equipment (CTS facebook page) but the main fundraiser is a raffle which will be drawn on the 20th of October (Sunday of the Spring festival).  Tickets are only $2 and our terrific prizes consist of:

1st prize:  2 night’s accommodation at Auldy’s on East Beach, Port Fairy.  Check this out on the following web address.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgVTPue9KOM

2nd prize:  A signed Brisbane Lions Football Jumper.

3rd prize: 2 cinema tickets plus “Meal for Two” at The Hairy Goat in Warrnambool.

4th prize:  $100 Food Voucher at Ritchies IGA stores.

5th prize:  $100 Fuel Voucher at Matthews Cobden Roadhouse.       

Please contact the school if you would be interested in selling a book/s of 10 raffle tickets.  Additionally, purchase some tickets at the front office personally or through your son/daughter.      

Stage 3 will be the purchase of the equipment.

Stage 4 will be work on the physical space.

Stage 5 will be the opening. 

Thanks for your support. 

Ryan McCluggage.

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