Wow, what a year it has been at Cobden Tech!

Our regional teams also gained great results; remember it’s not always winning that’s important; it’s playing the game that counts. But, if it looks like you’re not winning, then don’t make it any easier for the opposition. Make them work for it!

To our Graduating Year 12 class - well done; you made it. May the road that lies ahead of you be a great one, and not like a road in our district that needs repairs!  Cobden Tech students will continue to be in demand. So many times, I hear that “country kids have more initiative and problem-solving skills” than city kids. This is a great start to any employment.


What an amazing Parents’ Club we have. They have achieved so much in a short time; the message board sign, the basketball area (see photos of our progress), the deb ball, and great raffles to fund ongoing projects. Please consider being a part of this group. We can only be as good as you make it. 


If you are happy about Cobden Tech, tell everybody!  If you are not, call in to the school, and let us know your concerns. Airing them out on social media isn’t the place to start, as it rarely solves anything. If you feel more comfortable, please talk to anyone on school council to follow up the issue. We can’t help if we don’t know what you think. All voices are equal in a school community.


Lastly, what a fantastic effort was put in for the 50th Anniversary. It was a terrific weekend of events, well organised by the volunteer committee and catered by Parents’ Club. It was wonderful to hear many tales of Cobden Tech from our past students. They were amazed to see how the building has evolved, and the options now offered.  I hope the pride they felt for this school is something you will also feel at your time at Cobden Tech.  Have a great summer break, stay safe, and come back next year with a vision of what you want to achieve in 2020!



Rae Bellman - School Council President

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