Flexible & Remote Learning @ CTS

I would like to congratulate our students, parents and staff for the way you handled the first day of flexible and remote learning. Thank you for the patience you showed while we helped sort out usernames and passwords for online applications.

Thank you for staying calm and having a go. Today, I was really proud of our students who showed persistence and resilience. Everyone was having a go! In most classes we had 100% engagement in Webex Meetings and Google Classrooms. As we sort our way through the IT issues and settle on a balance between video conferencing and online assignments, I believe we can only get better.

Just a quick reminder for students to maintain a respectful use of the messaging stream of Google Classroom. Teachers can control and mute this feature as required. Online conversations should be focused on the classwork and not a place to express your opinions on the state of affairs. Please keep this to your regular social media forums.

Student attendance is critical for learning and remains critical during the period of remote and flexible learning due to coronavirus. Daily attendance is still required and expected.
However, monitoring of attendance will understandably need to be done differently. Teachers will verify that the students has engaged with online learning tasks.
Student, parent or carer makes contact with the school to verify the student’s participation that day.

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