Managing the Return to School

Dear families,

As we move towards a return to on-site learning, we’d like to provide you with some additional information to support the transition back to school.

Key Dates
Teachers resume working on-site on Monday 25th May to prepare for the return of students. This is a pupil free day and neither remote nor on-site classes will not be running on this day.

All Year 11 and 12 students (VET, VCAL and VCE) are to return to on-site classes from Tuesday 26th May 2020. Trade Training Centre classes will resume on Thursday 28th May 2020.

Confirmation of VCE Examination Schedule for 2020
Written exams will be conducted between 9 November and 2 December 2020.
The General Achievement Test has also now been confirmed as Wednesday 9 September 2020.

Students in Years 7-10 are to return to on-site classes on Tuesday 9th June (note that this is the day after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend). Families who require students in Years 7-10 to attend before Tuesday 9th June need to complete the On-Site Attendance Application Form and return this to school by the Thursday of the week prior to their student/s attending school. This is available to download from the school website.

Students in Year 10 who are currently completing Year 11 classes may attend their Year 11 class on-site from Tuesday 26th May. Students may attend solely for their Year 11 class if they can organise transport to and from school just for their class. Alternatively, if they need to travel by school bus and/or need to attend for the full day, families need to complete the On-Site Attendance Application Form and return this to school by the Thursday of the week prior to their student/s attending school.

Trade Training Cluster classes will resume on Thursday 28th May for all students in all Cluster Schools, with the exception of Retail Cosmetics at Camperdown which will continue under the remote model until further notice. Transport will be running as usual for these sessions.

The canteen will be closed until at least Tuesday 9th June. Students are reminded to make sure that they bring their own food and drink from home and do not share these with other students. We will provide updated details around canteen operations shortly.

Health and safety – staying at home

It is important that any staff member or student who becomes unwell does not attend the school site. Additionally, any student or staff member who becomes unwell while at school will need to return home as soon as possible. While it is unlikely that a staff member or student who is unwell with flu-like symptoms will have coronavirus (COVID-19), we appreciate your understanding of our caution during these challenging times.

Additional information about how the school will handle cases of students and staff members who become unwell can be found in the COVID-19 Return to School Policy.

Around the School – Managing Hygiene

  • Students, staff and any visitors to the school will be reminded to practise physical distancing wherever practical.
  • Handwashing and hand-sanitising facilities will be available throughout the school, including in or adjacent to classrooms.
  • Additional cleaning and disinfection will take place within the school throughout the day.

Around the School – Student Program and Changes

To support physical distancing, at Cobden Technical School we will

  • Avoid assemblies, excursions and interschool activities, with the exception of the Trade Training Cluster classes, for the foreseeable future
  • Timetable larger classes into larger classrooms
  • Provide physical distancing guidelines in locker areas
  • Manage the spaces available during breaktimes to enable distancing between students
  • Promote opening doors and windows whenever weather permits
  • Utilise classroom table arrangements that maximise the potential for physical distancing
  • Make sure that staff maintain physical distancing as much as practical when working in classrooms with students and/or other staff

Physical Distancing and access to the site

We ask staff and parents/carers to observe physical distancing measures by not congregating in areas inside or around the school, including avoiding gathering in any of the school carparks or drop-off areas, such as near the Gym or Main Office.

To minimise interaction of students and adults within the school and at entry points we:

  • Ask all school community members to only visit the school if necessary, to reduce visits where possible and to minimise time on-site when needing to attend
  • Ask that parents/carers/family members remain in their car when collecting/dropping off students
  • Ask that visitors needing to enter the office in person park in the Main Office carpark (off Grayland St) to avoid walking through the school grounds
  • Encourage families to contact the school by phone or email rather than attending in person, wherever possible
  • Require visitors to the school to maintain physical distancing and observe the distancing measures in place in the foyer and elsewhere in the school
  • Ask families to respect and observe the requirement for non-contact greetings – shaking hands and other physical greetings are to be avoided.

We thank you for your support during this period of transition. We are very much looking forward to having our students back on-site with us and continuing their learning program.

For more information, please refer to the CTS - COVID-19 Return to School Policy

Kind regards,

Rohan Keert                                          Cassandra Crévola

Principal                                               Assistant Principal

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