2020 Vision

Even if we had 2020 vision at the start of this year, we still would have been blindsided for what was to come.

The words “Stop! Don’t come any closer! It could be fatal! “would normally be found on a police TV drama, but in fact it became our reality as COVID took over our world. The challenge to continue “normal” education, and daily routines from our homes began. Full credit to all staff and students for embracing the remote and flexible learning classrooms, many suitably dressed in PJs, doing the daily dance of “the internet won’t work”, I didn’t get that email Miss, “Oh gosh, that’s because I didn’t send it, whoops!” We all found new ways to laugh at the funny things that now made our day. It was a new difficulty for parents to keep up the snack supplies to students and take on roles of explaining work between classes. Many have expressed that they have a new appreciation for the roles we all have in educating our future adults.


Despite all the interruptions of the year, the School Review went ahead. It happens every 4 years, and it is a Reality Check of where we are going, and how we are doing as a school. While there are some areas to work on, the majority of the boxes ticked have been very positive. Confidence from parent and community is high; Students expectations of themselves is high. Interestingly when the students were asked, what are the most important subjects they said, “English and Maths”. There is high recognition that these are important to every other subject, in order to succeed in any future field.


Our leaving students continue to be employed in many trade fields, having been picked up after work experience. There have been new inquiries for transfers of students at higher levels, due to the fact, as a school we prepare students for life beyond the school gate incredibly well.  One inquiry came from interstate, they had seen our FB page and were amazed we offer so much.

Students from Cobden Tech are resilient; they are able to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. I am incredibly proud of the team that makes this all happen; Parents, Staff, Students, and our amazing volunteer team. You all are part of each student journey and outcome.


Best wishes to you all over the holiday break and let’s look forward to 2021.

Regards Rae Bellman School Council President.


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