Uniform Letter & FAQ 2021

Dear Parents/Carers.

It’s been a wonderful start to the school year and great to see so many smiling faces at school after a well-deserved break.

We want to remind students and parents of our school uniform policy. While we have seen a lot of students wearing the correct uniform, we are continuing to see items like incorrect shoes, socks and shorts being worn.

The following is the school uniform, as found in your Student Information Manual (received on Mentor Interview day) and the school website


Girls - Summer
Dress:  Traditional style in designated school fabric
Shorts:  Tailored, black, knee length sock
Shirt:  White polo shirt
Socks:  White or black socks.
Jumper:  Green V neck jumper, green polar fleece top, or green jacket, with School logo.
Hat:  Cobden Technical School bucket hat

All students will wear black leather school footwear. This is an OHS requirement.


Boys - Summer
Trousers:  Black tailored trousers
Shorts:  Black tailored shorts
Shirt:  White polo shirt
Socks:  White or black
Jumper:  Green V neck jumper, green polar fleece top, or green jacket, with School logo.
Hat:  Cobden Technical School bucket hat



The summer uniform is expected to be worn during Terms 1 and 4.


Can I wear runner style shoes?

Yes- if they are black leather and have full coverage. Canvas mesh style casual runners are NOT permitted.

Can I wear work boots?

Yes- if they are black, leather and have full coverage. We also ask that they are clean and presentable.

What happens if I forget my hat?

You will be directed to spend recess and lunchtime in a shaded undercover area as per our Sun Smart policy. The CTS hat is the only had permitted.


Can I wear sport shorts?

No- plain black, knee length shorts are the school uniform.

Can I wear my sports uniform to school?

No. We ask that even if students have sport at the start or the end of the day that they wear their normal school uniform to and from school. Students are to change in and out of their sports uniform at school.

Where can I purchase uniform items from? Reichas in Cobden is our local school uniform supplier. 

What happens if I am not in uniform?

  1. You need to bring a note explaining why you are out of uniform
  2. You may be sent to the front office to change into a clean spare school uniform for the day. You will be able to change out of the uniform at the end of the day.
  3. If this is an ongoing occurrence, a phone call will be made home to assess if we can offer support.

What happens in the case of financial hardship?

At CTS we have a number of supports available to assist families who are suffering financial hardship. If you would like assistance with uniform, please contact the school and we can work out how to best support you.

Who do I contact if I need help?

At school, students can talk to their Mentor, their Sub-School Leader (Junior- Jen McLennan, Middle- Luke Perris and Senior- Sarah Cook) or the Sub School Assistant, Annette Hickey. Parents can also contact Cass Crevola, the Assistant Principal.


We thank you in your continued support in this matter.


Jen McLennan, Luke Perris, Sarah Cook and Annette Hickey

 Sub-School Leaders.

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