A Message from the Principal


Welcome to Cobden Technical School! I’m excited to share our vision and the initiatives we are implementing to support student success.


Our school's purpose is positively communicated in our motto, 'CTS - Committed to Students, Committed to Success. Whether it’s through high academic achievement or the development of specific vocational skills, we encourage our students to seize every opportunity for sporting, cultural, environmental and artistic involvement. Our school prides itself on strong connections to the community and industry, both locally and regionally.


Cobden Technical School is a place where everyone who wants to learn is welcome, where everyone can be successful, and where the journey of learning is enjoyable and lifelong.


Our school values - Our HEART acronym:

  • HONESTY: Integrity and trustworthiness.
  • EXCELLENCE: Doing one's best to develop competence and credibility.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Setting goals and being responsible for one's actions.
  • RESPECT: Fairness and equity, understanding, tolerance, and inclusion.
  • TEAMWORK: Collaborating to achieve common goals.

These values foster an environment of respectful relationships, self-respect, and responsibility for one’s actions. We also believe that a sense of humour and an enjoyable learning environment are key to developing these values.

Our resolute and professional staff are the backbone of what makes Cobden Technical School special. They are committed to our vision and work tirelessly to ensure every student can reach their full potential. Our school facilities and resources continue to grow and improve.


We have implemented School Wide Positive Behaviours, and we have a strong focus on student wellbeing to help our students to thrive. This approach not only supports academic achievement, but also promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle and strong interpersonal relationships.


We are excited to partner with you to meet the unique needs of your child. Together, we can create a supportive and enriching environment that paves the way for a bright future.


Welcome to the Cobden Technical School community, and here’s to a very exciting journey ahead.


Warm regards,

Narelle Holliday

Acting Principal

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