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Cobden Technical School 50th Anniversary

2019 sees Cobden Technical School celebrate its 50th birthday. Over the weekend of 19th – 20th October, which is also Cobden’s Spring Festival, a series of activities will be available to allow past and present students, parents and teachers to reconnect with the school.

From humble beginnings - a few rundown portables at the Cobden Sports Oval in 1969 - to the large open spaces we see today, the school has a unique connection to our district. It is the school that locals petitioned the state government to build for their children. It’s the school and community that helped fund 2 new flats to encourage teachers to come to the town.

From being an all-boys school, to co-education; from students finishing at the end of Year 11, to Open Units, to T12, TOP, to VCE, to VET in Schools and VCAL.

The school has been a proud stand-alone technical school from its inception and the weekend is a time to honour the vision of those who lobbied for its establishment; applaud the many hundreds of students who passed through its corridors and remember all those teachers who spent the formative years of their careers at the Tech.

The school will be open from 12 noon until 5pm on Saturday and 10am until 1pm on Sunday, so all interested members of the community can visit the school. There will be plenty of opportunities to both admire and chuckle while looking back on 50 fabulous years of technical education in our community.

Displays of past photos and other memorabilia will be arranged in various classrooms for all to see and engage with. Classrooms will be open over the 2 days. Stroll through the new Trade Training Centre, while reminiscing about your hours in the old ‘tech wing’ and what you got up to that your teachers are still none the wiser about. Compare the models of your day with the major pieces of furniture produced by students today. Discover the opportunities offered across the school today in VCE, VCAL, TAFE certificates and the time-honoured trade skills. Compare your years of cooking in the small, hot old Room 13 with the modern airconditioned 2-room kitchen and classroom in the A-Wing today. Contrast your experiences in the science rooms of yesteryear with the purpose-built Peter Rock Science Wing of today.

Re-visit the South Purrumbete and Pomborneit North school rooms of your childhood that were relocated to the Tech in the 1990s.

By the way, if anyone has any of the models or artwork they created while at school, and you would be prepared to loan them to us for the weekend, we’d love to hear from you. Please ring Julie Simmonds at the school on 55951202 to arrange a time for you to drop them off in the week of 14th – 18th October.

There will be a dinner on Saturday night at the Cobden Golf Club, where stories tall and short can be shared over a convivial drink or two. The night will also see the launch of a book about technical education in Victoria, written by Monash University academic John Pardy. Past and present staff at the Tech have contributed to the research, so the publication is of tremendous interest to our community.

A CTS 50th Facebook page has been created where articles and photos down the years can be accessed, as well as news about the celebration activities. Join the group and Share with others of the Tech community who are spread far and wide. To access the page, simply go to the school’s existing Facebook page and follow the link. So, pass the message on: it will be back-to-party-time in Cobden!!

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