Careers are an important pathway in a students’ schooling, and is an evolving process for the student, parents/carers and school. To support the process, CTS has  a Careers Centre, where students can access resources and take home information from universities, TAFE’s and private providers.

Students and parents/carers are welcome to access the centre for pathway information, individual career counselling, work experience advice, preparation for entering employment, information on TAFE Taster courses, and tertiary information such as scholarships, VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) and SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme)

In addition to the many opportunities that the school and teachers offer students, guest speakers from a range of workforce organisations and tertiary institutions visit the school to enrich students’ knowledge of possible career paths. They provide insights into courses, occupations and opportunities. Students are encouraged to utilise the Careers Centre to actively develop their own pathways and investigate areas of interest to them.

Careers Pathway
Year 7 and 8 students work on Careers Action Plans, where they identify their preferences and begin to look at areas that may interest them.

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