Football Academies

An exciting new addition to the diversity of extra-curricular activities at Cobden Technical School is the  running of the CTS football academies.  The main purpose of the academy is for individuals to learn more about their own game and be exposed to professional assistance to help in their development as both a footballer and a person.  The academies are open to any student and we have a wide range of abilities from elite junior players through to students who have never played the game.  The one  connecting trait of these students is they have an interest in AFL and bettering themselves.  The professional football assistance is provided in the form of ‘masterclasses’ from an AFL or AFL women’s player.  The ambassadors for the program include Hugh McCluggage from the Brisbane Lions, Nakia Cockatoo from the Geelong Cats, James Rahilly – assistant coach of the Geelong Cats.  The sessions run once a week at lunchtime.

Other highlights of the program include:
  • An AFL game to the MCG.
  • A game against Warrnambool College’s Clontarf Academy which shines a light on domestic         violence – supported by Jimmy Bartel’s work. 
  • Annual involvement in Winter Inter-School football competitions.
  • Guest presenters including Zach Merrett and Jackson Merrett.
  • Academy members have the use of a CTS football academy training top during sessions.

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