Year 7 & 8 (Junior School)

In Years 7 and 8, Cobden Technical School offers a diverse range of learning experiences designed to broaden each student’s knowledge base. In line with the Australian Curriculum for Victoria (AusVELS), we offer a broad range of subjects from each Learning Area. These include core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health (HAPE), Humanities (Geography, History and Economics) and Languages (Indonesian). In addition, they study Art and Technology (Textiles, Woodwork, Metalwork, Electrical, Digital Technology and Home Economics) in a rotation system.

Following is a sample of this year’s Junior School course:

Subject Frequency (50 minute sessions)
Mentoring – pastoral care and house system activities 8 minutes each morning, with an extra 30 minutes one day each fortnight
English 5 sessions
Mathematics 5 sessions
Science 3 sessions
Health and Physical Education (HAPE) 5 sessions
Humanities 3 sessions
Languages (Indonesian) 3 sessions
Term Rotations:

Art, Textiles, Woodwork, Metalwork, Electrical, Home Economics, Digi Tech
3 sessions per subject across one term

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