Glenfyne Gold

We’d like to welcome you to the world of Glenfyne Gold.  Our vertical house system has been very enjoyable, productive and successful on many fronts.  Our Glenfyne mentors are passionate about Gold House and work closely with their students to pass on this enthusiasm for the numerous activities we are involved in. To complement this group, each of the Mentor Groups have mentor leaders who provide wonderful support to their peers and staff.    

In Glenfyne, we’ll be promoting the following focus areas:
  • Building respectful relationships.
  • Taking responsibility for your own decision making.
  • Accepting and celebrating difference. 
Encouragingly, we have seen these three areas in action in the    everyday business of teaching and learning.  They are areas that are more important than a success in the swimming sports or an arts contest.           

Each morning, students work with their mentor for role marking and once a week we meet as a whole house group to recognise   achievement in the above areas and other achievements worthy of note. We look forward to working with and supporting any student who becomes a part of Glenfyne House. 

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