Shenfield Blue

Shenfield Blue is committed to the principles of inclusion, participation and a fair chance for everyone.  We are    focused on relationship building, striving to get to know our students in order to provide them with the resources and guidance they need, whilst allowing them to feel comfortable discussing their dreams, hopes, fears or concerns. 

We are committed to creating a network of support that is available to   every student and to engaging with all members of the Shenfield community so that we can all work together to achieve our goals.  We encourage the participation of all students in the numerous extracurricular opportunities that our school provides. 

We place great emphasis on students “having a go”, and value effort as well as excellence. A key focus of our dealings with students is to encourage personal responsibility.  We work with students to ensure they have the skills and awareness to be responsible for their actions, and continually assist them to develop these qualities.

As a group, the staff on the Shenfield team are all committed to working with students to help them  maximise their potential.  Our team is compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable and I invite all students and parents to utilise our staff to make their time at Cobden Technical School as pleasant and successful as possible.

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