Corangamite Trade Training Cluster

2022 CTTC Course Handbook

In 2018, the Corangamite Trade Training Cluster was officially opened at the Cobden Technical School Campus. The $4.9M Federally funded project provides modern, well equipped vocational training facilities for Corangamite students from a range of schools.

The Corangamite Trade Training Cluster is a joint schools’ initiative to strengthen vocational education and training options for students across our Shire.


Certificates are offered on five school sites, with students travelling to the provider school where possible on a Thursday each week to undertake their chosen VETiS program. Students interested in enrolling in a CTTC certificate in 2022 should speak to their school careers advisor for further information.

Camperdown College:

  • Dual Certificate Retail Cosmetic & Salon Assistant SHB20216 & SHB20116


Cobden Technical School:

  • Certificate II Building & Construction 22338VIC
  • Certificate II Automotive Vocational Preparation AUR20716
  • Certificate II Electrotechnology Studies (Prevocational Course) 22261VIC


Derrinallum P12 College:

  • Certificate III Business BSB30120


Terang College:

  • Certificate II Community Services Work CHC22015


Timboon P12 School:

  • Certificate II Hospitality (1st year only) SIT20316
  • Certificate II Engineering Studies (VCE VET), (1st & 2nd year) 22470VIC (VES)
  • Certificate III in Music Industry CUA30915-VES


Expressions of interest for 2022 courses will need to be received by the student's base school by the end of August.





Bond is refunded to students at the successful completion of the program




For further information please ask to speak to the Campus Principal:

Dual Certificate II Retail Cosmetic & Salon Assistant (SHB20116 & SHB20216)

Camperdown College $350 Nil NO 03 5593 1617

Certificate II Automotive Vocational

Preparation (AUR20716)

Cobden Technical School $350 Nil YES 03 5595 1202

Certificate II

Building and Construction (22338VIC)

Cobden Technical School $350


CI card & First Aid certificate

YES 03 5595 1202

Certificate II Electrotechnology Studies (22499VIC)

Cobden Technical School $350


CI card & First Aid certificate

YES 03 5595 1202

Certificate III Business (BSB30120)

Derrinallum College $350 Nil NO 03 5597 6625

Certificate II Community Services (CHC22015)

Terang College $350


First Aid certificate

NO 03 5592 1349

Certificate II Engineering Studies(VCE VET) (1st and 2nd year) (22470VIC)

(1st Year)

Timboon P-12 


(2nd Year)

Cobden Tech



CTTC flame-resistant shirt

NO 03 5598 3381

Certificate II Hospitality (SIT20316)

Timboon P-12 School $350


CTTC chef’s shirt & cap

YES 03 5598 3381

Certificate III Music (Performance)(CUA30915-VES)

Timboon P-12 School $350 Nil NO 03 5598 3381

Uniform CTTC Polo Shirt with logo.

Not for Engineering & Hospitality students & optional for Retail Cosmetic & Salon Assistant students. Required by all other students.



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