Body Kind Families


Body Kind Families aims to help you better understand body image so that you can talk to and support your teen with theirs, encouraging everyone in your home to be kind to their own body, and to others.  Every family is different and as the expert on yours, please use the information in a way that works best for you. 


Body Kind Families is based around a series of topics, that parents told us were most important to them.  Each topic includes a short video delivered by a leading expert and a parent tip-sheet.  Information is up to date and informed by evidence. 


There are also some shared family activities designed to prompt conversations in the home. 


Body Kind Families has also provided links to other useful parenting organisations who provide resources to help you build and maintain a connection with the teenager in your life. 


Body Kind Families is designed for parents of teenagers. Information, Videos, Tip Sheets, and Supports can be found at Body Kind Families - Butterfly Foundation. If you are looking for resources on body image and younger children, family resources are available through Butterfly’s new primary school program, Butterfly Body Bright.



Body Kind runs for the month of September. Take this opportunity to talk about the many issues surrounding Body Image and focus on the health and wellbeing of your young adolescent. There are many Resources to watch and Information Tip Sheets to guide you on the many topics surrounding Adolescent Body Image at the Butterfly Foundation. Follow link Body Kind Families.


Supports available to you and your adolescent.




Click on the image below to download and print the '30 acts of body kindness' check sheet.

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